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B‑Speak! Helps You Speak English with Confidence and Clarity

B‑Speak! has been helping professionals and graduate students communicate in English since 2012.

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Let's face it, English is not an easy language to master and individuals have unique challenges that make cookie-cutter programs fall short. No matter your level or career path, we can help you build fluency, accuracy, and confidence.

  • I have trouble improvising and expressing my ideas when speaking in public.
  • I never know if I’m pronouncing words correctly in English, so I rarely contribute to group discussions.
  • I keep making the same grammar mistakes and am not sure why or how to correct them.
  • I’ve never been to the U.S. so am afraid to say or do the wrong thing. My vocabulary is so limited.
  • I’m embarrassed to speak up at work meetings.
  • My accent is so strong that my colleagues have trouble understanding me. I have trouble making small talk and socializing with fluent speakers.
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About B‑Speak!

The only English program designed for international students at US Business Graduate Schools.

Designed for YOU!

We designed B‑Speak! initially at the request of top U.S. business schools and their international students/graduates who were seeking a more personalized, high-level English coaching program. We now work with business students and working professionals from around the world. We continually update our courses to meet their needs and adapt to our constantly changing times.

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Whether you need to brush up on your interview skills, polish your public speaking before a big presentation, or wish to fine-tune your English in a more thorough way, we have a package for you.

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Once you’ve shared your goals, needs, ideal schedule and biggest English concerns with our team at the time of registration, we match you with the perfect B‑Speak! coach for you. Your coach will assess your English at the outset and customize your curriculum.


By understanding your weaknesses and learning how to overcome them with the help of your very own English coach, you’ll be able to enjoy a new level of confidence, which will lead to success in both your personal and professional life.

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No matter your level or career path, B‑Speak!'s customized English courses can help you build fluency, accuracy, and confidence.

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What Our Students Say

Yuan W..
Darden School of Business

I would say that B-Speak is not just an English language coaching session. It is about how you can better understand the business culture and the MBA life in the American or global context. I think that international students should consider B-Speak coaching before MBA because it will help them to better understand the American culture, to learn what they will expect in business school and to get better prepared for the upcoming MBA life. I was able to land a full-time job after several B-Speak coaching sessions.

Nattinee S.
Mason School of Business

B‑Speak! helped me get through the first year of my MBA program. For me, Ellie is more than a speaking coach, she is my friend!! She not only fixed my accent and grammar but also helped me with the culture shock.

Jinkai L.
Fuqua School of Business

The interview prep sessions — all of the tricks, conversation starters and practice we did — were so helpful because I was going through some interviews at the time. The interviews went pretty well, actually, and I went into another round for one position and now I’m getting calls from HR for another position, so that’s really great!

Ran W.
Rice Business

This program helped me take my English to the next level and helped me enhance my English in a business setting. The high level of customization is really what attracted me to the program in the first place and is what makes the program stand out from the rest of the group. Candidates are really able to have customized sessions with their coaches. And every session can be suited to the individual’s goals for that particular week or month. For example, right before one of job interviews I scheduled a mock interview with my coach and that really helped me achieve my ultimate goal.

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Master The Art of Small Talk
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So many English learners struggle making casual conversation (or small talk) in a natural way. What is small talk? What are safe topics? Are there topics I should avoid? Because "small talk" can be such a mystery for those not familiar with life and work in the U.S., we created this course to teach you the basics.


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